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Re: New People, Please Introduce Yourselves

Hello, I've been browsing Gamecritics for a while, and have posted comments with the name Bryce (not my real name). I've been checking here often as it seems the only site with honest reviewers. I imagine the honesty has a lot to do with the mission of the reviews: state your personal opinion instead of trying to qualify what the masses should think of it. It seems an unpopular approach, though, from all the hate comments on reviews. I'm hoping to help the community where I can and possibly submit some reviews (Don't worry, my serious writing doesn't contain any parenthetical statements).

I have been a gamer since my parents brought King's Quest home for our new PC, though I didn't lock myself in the basement all night until the infamous Doom came out. I played that game, modded it, played it some more, dialed stranger's personal BBSs for an IPX emulator, then got banned from almost all of them for trash talking (Well, how else was I going to get a 3v1 going?). It is now 15 later, and thanks in part to crippling allergies that didn't go away until I was 18, I got in a lot of gaming, mostly PC. My career has nothing to with gaming (the common tie between my career and gaming is probably my restlessness), but gaming will always be my #1 indoor hobby. I find myself becoming incredibly hard to please after 20 years, though.
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