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Re: Next Show (Ep24): Your Input

Game journalists, like most of us, are not paid to care. It is not their job to take a close critical look at games. It is their job to write something that will fill the void in their websites review section. They are there for their ability to crank out readable reviews at a fast pace, not their ability to examine games.

If I had to boil my complaint of game journalists down to one idea. It would be that. Their job is to fill the void. They are paid to write boilerplate and say the same things every other game writer is saying.
If they happen to take a closer look, and write something worthwhile, they do that on their own.

And I dont have a problem with that. They are simply doing their job, like an accountant, postal worker, or secretary. My issue, is not with the individuals, but the situation. These reviews are dominating everyones attention, and not leaving any space for more honest/fair/unbiased game criticism. All of the discussion of games seems to revolve around what IGN said, or what Gamespot said. That is the shame of it. All of the people that want to discuss games are distracted by these outlets that are just filling a void.

But like I said, that is if I had to boil it all down to one point. I think its more complicated than that. I think some people do care. But they still have to work within the sytem, if they want to get paid. A system which is flawed (for game criticism)
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