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Cool Re: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guid

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I would like to point out the best way to kill tigrex is to have some throwing knives with sleep ability and put him to sleepthen take a great sword charge up the swing and strike his head(must have a good sword)endoing this will weaken or even kill the tigrex.
And khezu i killed him with a weak....CROSSBOW!!!!yep thats right what you do is buy fire ammo and crag,pellet,and all the other good stuff then wait in the cave were the giaprey are im talkin bout were the big branch/tree felljump on the tree and wait til he goes in there then start shooting him til he dies he cant harm you on the tree if you agree or like what i have posted feel free to email me at
tigerx really im going to try that
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