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Re: Art of Murder: Hunt for Puppeteer Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Guid

Originally Posted by wormsbuh View Post
Can you send it to me too plz ???
I'm stuck with the same bug as you guys -.-
that coin machine is cursed, wanna smash it !!

thanks a lot in advance to who gives me that savegame after the fruit coin machine...
of course I'll send you back the one after the fountain thing^^

I neeeeeed this save I just wanna play point&click !!!!
( because I finished monkey island a hundred times, and it's still as awesome as the 1st time ^^! but need to go forward too^^ , btw I'm waiting for the new Runaway !! ^^ )
Can Somebody pls. mail me too plz.

Many many thanks in advance.....
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