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Re: **how to counter people who use the serve cheat**

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So it seems like a lot of people are annoyed how some players are able to cheat on their serve and win every point automatically, regardless of whether your return is going in or out. Today I picked up on something which led to me discovering how to counter this spineless cheat.

While playing against someone from England I noticed that there were times when he would make a serve clearly in, but it would be called out. Based on this I guessed that when someone uses this cheat, if the serve is not returned the serve will be called a fault, regardless of where it lands. Turns out I was right!

Keep in mind this guy was using the serve cheat on literally every point of his serve, so I was confident that I could use this strategy and win the match in a tiebreaker. And sure enough, at 3-2 in the breaker, I purposely let his serve (created character with roddick's serve) go past me both times, and he double faulted. Although he picked up on this and stopped using the cheat, one mini-break was all I needed in the tiebreaker to win the match.

Hope this helps some of you out.
I definitely think you're onto something here. I just started playing online last week. Overall things have been pretty positive for me but I encountered one of these guys definitely cheating on the serve. I would return the serve clearly in and he would get the point. But other times I would be unable to return the serve because it was too good and the game would call it a fault. In retrospect I think you must be right that if you use the cheat and your opponent doesn't hit the ball that it gets called a fault. Even more satisfying to know now that I beat him in a tiebreaker!

On the flip side, I have found a few people that are quitting against me shortly after the game starts. I think many people must be mistakenly thinking that I am cheating due to lag issues or something else. It is too bad that cheaters are fouling things up for others. I did play a player named "koko" recently whose character looked like Venus Williams and she was unstoppable. I don't think any cheats were being used but she was hitting winners and aces like crazy! I'd like to know how she was doing it but I guess there is hope for truly mastering the game.

Glad I found this thread. Thanks for the info and advice!
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