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I have 2 questions:

1. Is there any way to go through the chat portion any quicker when restarting from a saved spot?

2. How do you defeat the pink pig dude (think he is called Midbus) once you get into Bowser's castle?
1st question you can't make it go any quicker and to defeat yes he is called Midbus eveytime he throws is wacking ball wait until the ball gets in front of you then duck until he goes away. Then he throws it, so duck. When he puffs himself up starting hitting him in the chest and don't stop until he backs away and comes forward a bit. Then hit him or wack him. Also when he starts jumping on the floor he will jump you ,again duck.And he might jump near you so if he does hit him when he is in a hiting range. Its quick so be careful! Hope that helps!
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