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Re: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guid

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RAWR i need some serious help im really annoyed atm i keep dieing fighting the giadrome or the huge pig that charges ive used tons of fire shells ive tried melee wepons everything i just cant get enough dmg on them its a joke exspeicialy the giadrome i tend to favour the melee wepon for him as he is just to fast for range and i cant do enough frigen dmg i hate the big old longswords as he just jumps out of the way 24/7 and the frigen bone kris with shield does f all dmg i really need some bigginer tips im getting sick of losing...
Do quests to get materials to upgrade sword and shield one level. It may seem to do f all but is a very quick weapon and does more damge then you think in a short amount of time! With the pig (Bulldrome) try and keep an eye on it. Whenever it begins to charge, roll out of the way, then get a few attacks in with sword. Rinse and repeat. Also, take shock trap from the item box at camp, it paralyzes it for a while and lets you get a lot of attacks in!
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