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Re: Midnight Club: Los Angeles Tips Achievements FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strateg

this is to answer all questions in reguards to tips on winning

first. it is true that certain tire settings and ride heights as well as performance brands can make an affect on the speed an handling. for example try takin the strut bars off a lambo only lambo and putting 25 inch rimms on the back tires 22 on the front and see if it makes it faster by a mille an hoour or 2.

use the heavier wide tires (matching width) around 20" for better handling

beating career modes- to win in two days like i did u simmply need to jus do missions for the most part and dont waste money on the looks of your car (do that after u beat the game it will all be free) if you sell the cars you win always use one car (for the luxury race use a 300) save money dont buy an s7 lol get ur million dollars and continue doing missions and play with a bike and use agro as ur special

accelerating with a bike-u want to hold ur wheelie as far back like ur about to fall off the bike (after turns, on the start, after u crash) u want to do a wheelie untill ur bike reaches 180 - 190 after that it doesnt help

turning with a bike- do not use weight distribution to turn a bike EVER you want to use that only for a wheelie. to turn ur bike u want to tap the a button and for sharper turns tap it harder while taking turns wide and once u get the hang of that it will greatly improve ur skills

auto or manuel- it is true automatic can make ur car faster but i strongly advise against it for motorcycles. if you mess up a couple shifts it means the automatic would have been faster kuz its a small difference and auto is better unless ur really good at manual due to the fact if ur doing a manuel it means that even if its for a second u have less atttention on ur map and ur driving and position kuz its one more thing for you to look at. its a matter of preference but some of the best drivers iv ever seen do auto.

turning in a car- it is true that if you weight distribute for a car it greatly improves ur turning ability kuz u kan take turns sharper and at higher speeds without losing traction an peelin out or spinning out. 2 wheel turns from the start to learn the correct way and get good the better way.

using a nos- as it verys by map it is usually always best to use ur nos after u take a turn that slows u down an ur on a straight away only. DO NOT USE A NOS WITH A TURN COMING UP KUZ YOU WILL WRECK OR HAVE TO SLOW DOWN (which wastes it anyways)

choosing the brakes at the interior exterior doesnt do anything but the tires do (choose firelli corso)

i like nos better than zex i like holly headers and aem electronics as well as a cm (clutch masters) clutch
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