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Unhappy Re: Grand Slam Tennis Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

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I'm all for it: "name and shame." Allows me to disconnect as soon as I see their personas. I too have been getting these "cheats" which I first thought were online glitches until they began to occur too regularly. Annoying. I also find annoying people who lob constantly no matter what's going on. I've began to disconnect when I encounter them. No fun. I see this mostly with people who play the Serena Williams character. Wouldn't happen in real tennis except for the really low level players I suppose.
"Allows me to disconnect as soon as I see their personas."
How do you abandon play without switching off the Wii? None of my controls respond once the match has started...I now stop the game as soon as I notice a blatant cheat from my adversary. Last night against a Japanese player same kind of stuff: I returned his big serve with a very fast forehand which he didn't even touch, and which clearly landed in his court, but he got the point. I disconnected immediately, but find it a pain to always reboot the Wii because of these cheaters.
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