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Smile Re: Heavenly Sword Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints Cheat Codes and Strategy

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I have Heavenly sword on the PS3.
I am Fighting with the Ravenking (Bohan)
And he Shoot firebals and lighting bals and i dont no how to block them
Avoid the raven king till he shoots the spheres at you. if he fires a blue sphere at you press triangle just before it hits you and you will deflect it back at him. He can dodge your deflected blue sphere if you are not standing close enough to him when you deflect it. If its an orange sphere press and hold R1 then press triangle just before it hits you. Same goes with the orange as the blue...he can dodge if you're not close enough. Do everything in your power to avoid his hits. Once you get to level two of the raven fight do basically the same thing. But he has another move he does. He will sweep out of the air and try to take you out. Watch for the sign that he's about to do it (the sign is him laughing). Roll out of the way when he swoops at you. Keep firing the blue and orange spheres back at him. If you knock every one back at him he'll drop down and you can run in for a power strike. Once you beat level two then level 3 will start. This level is particularly hard to start cause all the men are blocking your view of him. Eventually they will all end up dead and you can finally see. The same goes for deflecting spheres and dodging his swoops in level three but he has yet another move he throws at you which is a cloud of Ravens. Use your speed stance (L1) and press square or triangle to deflect the Ravens. Stay persistant and avoid his hits and deflect everything back at him and you will win. Make sure at the end when his life is drained that you run up and press circle. It will ask you to press a series of buttons after that. You have very little time to react so pay attention and press what it says FAST. Do this and you win. Took me about 30-45 min. to figure this all out. Good luck. P.S....everything you need to know about the moves and buttons to press to do everything in the game is in your instructions manual that comes with the game when you buy it.
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