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Im going to spill my tips and tricks that I use to beat some of the monsters in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. I do not consider myself a pro, but using these tactics, i've beaten some monsters unscathed. the monsters i will be discussing are all of the monsters found in the elder quests (not the cat or guild).

Yian Kut-Ku: An easy way to kill early yian kut-ku is to use a bow. Take 20 power coatings, and 20 close range coatings. for this i used hunters bow 2 which is extremely easy to get. start by unloading the power coatings on his head, you should break his ears with a couple shots, after that completely focus on his head with the rest of your shots, after the 20 power coatings, switch to close range, before your done with the close range, he should be close to dead, if not, use the supplied poison to finish him.

Congalala: The easiest way I have found to beat this monster is the longsword. keep your distance throughout the battle (but not too far), focus on trying to find an opening, good times to hit him with a overhead slice and build up that spirit bar are when he swipes 3 times and falls on the ground (dont stand too close when he falls or you will quake and not be able to hit him), when he puffs his belly (stay on his side, or he will bellyflop on you and itll hurt), and other attacks. when you have fully charged your spirit bar, unleash a spirit attack on his head, he should stumble, but still be ready to roll away. it shouldnt take too long to kill him, once youve got this technique down you can kill him under 8 minutes.

Cephadrome: The Land Shark. It sounds intimidating, but he's a joke. the cephadrome is a lame excuse for a wyvern. The best tactic I find to use against him is to bring a couple of sonic bombs, and a longsword, greatsword, or dual blades. The reason I suggest these, is because they are (in my opinion) easier to work with on the land shark. for the longsword, (assuming he is out of the sand, if not use sonic bomb over him) stand between his legs and over head swing until you have a full spirit bar, then unleash on one of his legs, occasionally he will stumble over, doing this trick, you will barely get scratched at all. for the greatsword, just stand between his legs and keep unleashing charge attacks but dont stand too close or when he walks in place you might get knocked down. and for the dual blades, just demonize his legs up. dont know how else to explain it.

Khezu: Khezu can be a challenge for a lot of people, and fighting him your first couple of times your probably going to say something along the lines of "I'm NEVER going to kill this guy again after this". sorry to burst your bubble, but you have to. on the other hand, he is not that hard with a longsword. the extended reach makes this weapon extremely effective during this battle. when khezu uses he electrical attack where you cant get near him, poke his head, and upswing. I cant really describe the distance, that you will have to learn yourself. but he can make himself extremely exposed when doing this. if he stumbles after you poke him, follow up with an overhead swing or two. unleash your spirit bar at an appropriate time, like when he is about to shoot lightning, he leaves himself open for a long time. Use this. try try try not to get discouraged, it may take a couple of times. if it seems you're about to run out of time, just keep hacking and slashing. DONT ABANDON!!!

Daimyo Hermitaur: The only thing i can say about him is that he can be a real lover some times. and when i say that i refer to the statement "love hurts". Hermy is alot simpler as you get to know him, but there are some things you need to keep in mind, when he burrows, try to run to a wall, he seldom hits you that close to a wall. try to attack his side and leg (singular because you should try to focus on one) he should be fairly easy to stumble, for longsword users, I just hack and slash his sides up and when he stumbles, unleash spirit guage. You'll know he is almost dead because of three things, 1: He will foam purple bubbles at his mouth (they can be hard to see, they arent like his rage mode bubbles) 2: he will flee to area 9. and 3: you will see a "Objective Complete" (yeah i know i said 'almost dead', im too lazy to backspace.) hope that helped.

Plesioth: Plesioth. doesn't sound too bad eh? let me tell you. Plesioth the cheapest wyvern ever. EVER. there are some things you should know. (this is a longsword tut, sorry its my fav wep besides bow) first is that he like his water. and he can be a real baby about it sometimes, get used to it. the second, is that he has a notorious move called many names, however they are all described the same, "Unfair". of course, the ability im talking about is hip-check (thats what ill call it). The reason it is unfair, is because of the hit zone. it covers his whole right side from head to tail and it reaches far. for that we have to stay on the left, lucky for us, the tail whips to the left, so we have to watch for that too. The main tactic is waiting for him to shoot water beam, and cut up his head with two overhead slashes, or a poke and upswing. it sounds like it takes long, but it doesnt. after you get this down, you should be able to handle him. youll know when he is almost dead because his back fin will retract

Gypceros: Clumsy ol' Gyppy. He is pretty easy once you get to know him. (just like every other boss) there are some things you should do: 1 try to attack his tail as much as possible. 2 when he starts to clack his mouth three times, run and jump/lunge onto the ground, you wont be affected by flash. other than that, bring antidotes. watch for tail whip, charge and flash. and attack his head/tail. he should be very easy.

Blangonga: For good blangy, Im going to be using a lance, the reason i say this, is because im going to be telling you to use the turtle technique. for those who dont know what that is, that is when you just hold defense and poke. we want to turtle with our backs to a wall or cliff, and preferably where he cant hit us from the side. just wait for him to come near you and poke him 2-3 times after he attacks. the only thing you should be afraid of is when he lifts up the ice chunk and throws it at you. you should move out of the way when that happens, itll go through your sheild and freeze you. should take too long before he limps.

Yian Garuga: He is pretty much harder version of yian kut-ku, there is only a couple more things, he shoots fireballs, not 'mortars'. when he backflips, if you get hit, your poisoned. and it hurts. my strategy for garuga is to longsword his tail off, once his tail is off, go for a wing until that claw comes off, then go for the next, after that, break his ears. this will make your drops alot better, and while your concentrating on breaking, your doing nice damage. by the time your done he should be limping or already dead.

Monoblos: My tips for monoblos are pretty blunt. get him outa sand. slash his tail. slash his head. don't really know how to go into depth with something so simple. just watch out for his charge and when he burrows use a sonic to emerge him and get some nice combos on his head.

Shogun Ceanataur: Ok. I really don't know what to say but 'scroll up and look at Hermitaur' its almost identical. you'll learn the differences in combat, but youll find he is just as easy (or easier since you can break his shell)

Basarios: There are several tactics ive heard about shooting and its soooo easy. I must suck because i couldnt do it. so i found out a way to take care of basarios and his older counterpart (ill explain later) through blademasting (is that a word). for basarios i used a technique called sleep bombing. for this i used the SnS called Sandman Finsword. any of the other sleep SnS work as well. the reason we use SnS is because Basarios has a thick rock carapace that cannot be penetrated without a skill called ESP (its called fencing in the game not really sure why people call it Extra Sensory Perception.) for some reason SnS can penetrate. once you get him to sleep, put two large bombs and dentonate with small bomb. it should only take a couple to take him down. you can also use a hammer, but personally, this is easier.

Tigrex: You've probably shitted yourself when you saw what the urgent quest was. its ok, we all did. Don't get too intimidated though, tigrex is not what you think. i wouldnt call him easy, but he is possible with garuga and a longsword. I hope this can boost your morale: I beat him on my first try. that right. you can too. The name of the game for tigrex is defense. he is speedy and packs a punch, a lethal combo. to counter this, we must constantly keep our weapon sheathed and take it out only to use. The openings we are looking for are when he is done using attacks like charge, roar, slide rush, and in some cases, 360 spin. The target we will be aiming for the who battle is his tail. severing shouldnt take too long, but even after you cut it off, you need to hit is tail. its the spot it takes longest for him to reach. the first time you fight him, you might run out of time. i had 1~ left when i did. after a few tries, you should have him down in 20 or less. one last thing though, when he gets enraged.dont attack. its alot safer to stay defensive and wait til he is done throwing his fit.

Kirin: Kirin can be very hard to people until they try the master solution. its called a hammer. the reason i say to use a hammer is because for some reason alot of weapons bounce off of him. super smashing his head, or even triple pounding can be devastating to him. overall, it shouldnt take you more that 20 minutes with a hammer. for his attacks, just try to keep moving and stay out of his lightning. a good opening is when he charges an electrical attack wait close (not too close) and if he is using the one that shoots far, charge a super charge, he will turn and you can potentially knock him over and triple pound his head doing extreme damage.

Diablos: Monoblos grew another horn! scroll up to monoblos for more details

gravios: remember when i said "Basarios and his older counterpart". well i was talking about gravios. He is pretty much the same, but he will charge a fiery beam that is pathetic (you should still avoid) I reccomend using a hammer on gravios. it is tougher to put this baby to sleep. it should take more that than 30-40 minutes with a weak hammer and your first try, after that you should get 15-20 minutes or less

Rathian: The Queen of Wyverns. I can name 10 monsters that caused more trouble than this monster, but whatever. the first thing is that Rathian is a female dragon, and only a female dragon. now that i have that out of the way, an easy weapon for Rathian is a hammer. one thing you never want to do though, is stand in front of her. she rushes often and backflips which can poison you. she does a triple and single fireball attack like garuga. when hitting her, aim for the head. yes i know i just said dont stand in front of her. i know. stand to the side of her. and either charge up or triple pound. she is really a lot easier than she looks. but you sill need to be carefull and not careless.

Rathalos: The King of the Skies. Rathalos can hold up to his name, because kinda like plessy, he likes his air. he will often jump up and shoot fireballs, use this to your advantage, he is vulnerable when he lands, use this time to sever his tail or wrack some spirit combos. overall rathalos can be tough the first couple of times, but its not like you can't handle it.

Rathian and Rathalos: The King and Queen. The reason Put these two together again is for one reason, thats how you have to fight them, however, thats not how they were previously posted. the main thing is to keep them apart, the other is that you will not be able to use hammer on rathy and longsword on ratho. to counter this we apply the hammer technique that we used on rathy, with the longsword on rathy. over all it shouldnt be too much of a burden. I dont thind rathalos goes into the cave unless he is weak, but rathian does, so my suggestion is to wait for rathian in cave, kill her, go right outside, and you should see rathalos, that seems to be his favorite spot. onece again this shoudlnt take too long.

Thanks for reading guys. if you have any questions regarding my tactics please email me at

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