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Smile Re: Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Gui

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I've been getting mystery time for a while and the clouds would turn purple.. (if thats normal)

-what is mystery time exactly?
- what are you supposed to do to solve/get a mystery?

Please help ASAP!!
Mystery time is when your world connects to the Mystery World. During this time, rare insects, fish, and other things come out. It's a good time to make alot of money... Mystery times lasts for a week, or until the mystery is solved. If you turn your games off, then come in later, and the week is not up yet, then that means you solved the mystery. If you have no idea how, go to school, and take the right staircase. It leads to a room with a book that has all your mysteries recorded in it. (You should know that if you were paying attention when the School Principal gave you the key...)
During mystery time, right when it happens, after the clouds cover the sky, you see a shadow of someone or something. That thing is involved in the mystery. Also, if you go the Gateway in you dorms during the time, it should say "Go anywhere" most of the time, it takes you to somewhere that has something to do with mystery time.
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