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Re: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guid

Okay, theres many questions everyone is asking.
1: how to defeat the Congalala. Its quite easy. what you need to do is wait for him to do one of his clumsy moves; 1: jump and bash, 2:repeated slashes which leasds to him falling on the ground, 3: fart, 4: stomach sheild(he pushes out his stomach as a defence) when he does one of these attacks you must either attack once or twice from the front(face) or the side. but back up quickly because he retaliates quite quickly. watch out because the closer you get to killing hi, the sooner his attacks will happen.
2: how to get your Hr lvl up. You have to complete all the Hr1 lvl quests in the gathering Hall to get it up to Hr2. and so on and so forth for Hr3+
3: okay no one really knows this one but: if you reach 40k guild points then you can start getting improved(green Armor spheres) by doing certain quests that are on the high end. Like with the old lady outside; 4* quests have a chance of getting them in the reward.
Thats it for now

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