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Thumbs down GST Online Cheaters

I found this board looking for some of the same answers as to why certain players in GST online are so ridiculously modified that it is impossible to win a single point against them. I finally had enough of the BS and shut down my Wii after it became unquestionable to me that my opponent was using cheats in just the first 2 points of the match. On the first point I served and then hit a drop shot that literally bounced 3 times..and then all of a sudden the ball just appeared out of no where behind me and landed in bounds. On the second point, my opponent hit his return directly into the net but then was able to hit it a second time and the ball again just appeared over my head and landed in bounds. Both points should have absolutely been mine, but were instead credited to my opponent. On several other occassions, I have driven opponents all the way to one side of the court only to see them miraculously appear out of no where on the opposite side of the court to return my cross court shot that should have been unreachable.

It is dissapointing to me that EA allows this to happen in the online mode. GST is such a fun game to play and I was really hoping that the online experience would be challenging and most importantly FAIR. The use of cheats or modifactions ruins the experience for those of us who want to win on our own merits - not on some illegal trick we learned to game the system. What is the fun in winning every single point, particularly the ones that you know really should have lost?
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