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Re: Please rate this review: Infamous


You're off to a nice start, from the headline pun alone.

It's a little hard to read right now; your paragraphs are too long, and in the online medium, a space in between each paragraph is a must. This will help anyone else who reads.

In a nutshell, I would cut out some of the story setup and graphical elements, and expand on how the game played. The story seems like it overwhelms your review, so it could be streamlined. The visual elements don't warrant so much attention; a sentence at most, unless you're talking about how the game's detailed world affects you or the gameplay.

I personally appreciate your mentioning the audio quality, that's something I always like to see.

You say the gameplay is the best part of the game, but I really don't get a solid sense of what you experienced playing the game. I've played the demo, so your overview makes sense. But I would like more information; maybe a great (or horrible) moment for you while playing, samples of a mission or two, and stuff that really made you say "wow this is great! I'm giving this a 9!"

And that's a good call on noting the times where Cole's control frustrated you; it's always important to note the things that are less than perfect even when they don't detract from the game.

One more thing -- is there a different WTF moment? That sounds like a big spoiler to me; I haven't played the game, so maybe it's a minor point at the beginning. But if you think it's a spoiler, it probably shouldn't be used.

This is the nice beginning of a review, I hope you'll consider editing if you're interested in publishing on our homepage.
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