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Smile Re: Petz Horseshoe Ranch Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

Heres how I got the snow field: once i unlocked the mustang i went to the adoption center and bought it. then i pet it to get it 3 hearts and then it grows up. then i took it to the pasture and and i saw a foal in a ski suit named jessie. i pet jessie to get it 3 hearts then i pet it more to get it another 3 hearts to fully grow up. bring out the toys and let your mustang and jessie play. once they become good friends they will have a baby. then i accidently exited but then i went back and jessie had a present for me—the ski suit. then u go to the map and it will say "you now have acess to the snow field" or something like that. REMEMBER: the horse doesn't always have 2 be jessie, it can be another horse wearing a ski suit. because some people said you see an arabian named bailey, but i saw an andulasian named toby wearing a striped swimming suit.
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