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Re: Grand Slam Tennis Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

I find the serve and volley very difficult to beat also. They just seem to always be able to get back to the lobs. Or dive and cover the angle.

I can only beat the serve and volley on medium when playing the computer and the ones online are virtually unbeatable to me.

I had a roddick who could do the perfect dribble over the net drop shot every time seemed to be an exploit. From his front court he would always do a drop shot volley that clipped the tape and double bounced immediately. He did it at least 10 times.

The weird thing where they just appear next to the ball I have seen but i think it is just from the lag more than a game hack. You arent always seeing where they truly are. Which may explain why the net play is so tough to beat.

Also Roddick's serve online seems to glitch out at times and he just blasts through the player and it gets stuck. I played Roddick and was able to do what you said just server over and over and they would hit but i still got the points.

They need to patch the online play i think.
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