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Re: Grand Slam Tennis Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

explain to me why i was playing someone online...they had a very very fast serve, but when i returned it....clearly just stopped and gave him the point? also a ball went clearly out by him and it was his point? are there possible mods/cheats for this game that people have created? i almost beat him...but his cheap cheat (haha) helped him on match point. i kinda figured out how to beat the cheat..i had to swing very early so it wouldnt call it a point...but it would just go out cuz i swung so reeally realllly pissed me off and i tried to play him 4 times...and my rank points are at 65 now...and i was at 500 before (i had just started online but im still pretty good)
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