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Re: Valhalla Knights 2 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide PSP

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I hope somebody reads this threads... I have so much to ask about this game, I just dwnloaded it yesterday... Oh! Dont tell anybody that I jst dwnloaded it. Uh, well here goes my questions:
1. Is it good to have an elf/ monk as the main character?
2. My chars are Elf/Monk20/En5, Elf/Prist18, Hman/Fyter16, Akatok/monk17, cutehalfing/thif12 and henry who is an anchor12/prist 4... the thing is when I accept any quest that requires me to go to the mountains I always wound up being dead not evn finishing my quest and then turns back to the inn then my hard-earned-money will be cut by half by that xtrimly anoying want-to-stangle-him inn keeper. Ps giv me some tips on how to settle this...
3. Is there any way to teleport on the places (forest, river, swam, mount, etc.) I've been always running to get to this places, um do you get my point?
Please answer my questions you guys...
What you can do is level up the other classes. That way you get more stat points to distribute. What I did was play a Human/Fighter25 & 20 in the rest of the class and Elf/En 21. So far those two has gotten me to Glacial Caverns
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