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Please rate this review: Dead Rising

Zombies are the staple put into most horror centric media.Games and films have been flowing in abundance with the flesh eating monstrosities.
Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, Dawn of the Dead,
Land of the Dead, Diary of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Day of the Dead, Evil Dead, Shaun of the Dead, and Zombie are all perfect examples. Even that band, White Zombie, while Rob Zombie's vocals sound like the undead, the music really didn't have anything to do with the cuddly cannibals.
One common thing between all of these examples is that given a select few, most have to with either George Romero or Capcom. Capcom have put
zombies on the map in games with their Resident Evil series, and decided to take a stab at american zombie horror with Dead Rising. The difference
however is that George Romero used zombies as symbolism to make personal statements, while Dead Rising uses the setting of Dawn of the Dead to display comedic campiness.
There is a plot to Dead Rising, it involves something about using some type of virus to mass produce cattle with insects that zombify other organisms.
Whatever, the plot is convoluted. But the game doesen't take itslef seriously, and encourages the player to feel the same, by mutilating the enemies with a versatile array of weapons. Virtually almost any object can be used as a weapon, as the selling point slapped on the back of the box so precisely points out, and I must say that many of the weapons are great fun to use. Skillets, lawn mowers, guitars, pies, and bowling balls are only some of the instruments of death at your disposal. There are guns, but the targeting system that works well with other weapons seems to have been beaten with the retard stick in this case. I acquired the 9mm pistol before the first boss fight, only to use all of its ammo where only some of the bullets made any actual contact. So being the ridiculous kind of improvisation type that I am, I finally defeated the first boss with dinner plates.
Speaking of the bosses, this aspect is probably the most fun part of the game. You go from facing
a crazy hick in the mall's gun shop, to an insane, chainsaw wielding clown that juggles chainsaws.
The bosses will also drop special weapons upon defeat, but enjoy them while they last, because
weapons will break after excessive use, and you can't get the special weapons back after you've broken them.
There are also other people in the mall that you can choose to save, but they seem to have also been
beaten with afore-mentioned stick of 'tard'. Every living person I found either got lost and eaten, or
ran straight into the group of carnivorous walking corpses out of sheer bewilderment as to what was going on. So even when I DID try to save them, they usually died anyway. It came to the point that I just laughed whenever this happened, as it seemed to be a just punishment for them acting stupid.
All of these types of missions are given to you by an old man who will strikingly remind you of Roman from Grand Theft Auto 4, constantly calling you to tell you about their day, regardless of much you really don't care. All that I wanted to do was kill zombies, but no, my mind had be dragged kicking and screaming out of the experience to read some text letting me know about a new mission, which was helpful, but you have 72 hours in the mall, and you've gotta make the most of it while you can.
There are a number of different endings you can see depending on the types of missions you complete throughout the game. These endings are predictable Overall though, leaving nothing to cause a sense of accomplishment once you've finished.
Dead Rising isn't the most serious, or even original game ever, but it's so well presented and entertaining that I can pass it off as a recommendation, at least as a rental, or a purchase from the bargain bin.
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