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Re: Dinosaur King Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy DS

Originally Posted by LightNing View Post
Shock wave-Spiny
Water jammer-Isisaurus/Spiny
Quake Saber-Euplocelophaus/Kentrosaurus
Egg Revolver-Parasaurolophus
To get to Nintendo Wifi Connection,Just go to any D site head branch and click on communication room and select Nintendo Wifi connection and just connect and disconnect 50 times for the coolest dinosaur ever,MeGaRaPtOr!
no i mean how do i get the nintendo wifi connection because i tried once and nothing happened. how can you get it

dinkingfan no2

p.s thanks. my euoplocephalus(spelled right)learned quake saber at lv 56 or 57 i think

now training parasaurolophus
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