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Re: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Gu

i got something for allies.
1For burning ur enemies credits
make sure u have a chronosphere ready and the chronoswap.
and an engineer.pack the engineer into the riptide.ready an assault destroyer for the engineer's safety.use the assault's ability.blackhole armor.use the chronosphere and warp the riptide and assault to the enemy base,closer to the ConYard the better.unpack the riptide and let the engineer go in to their ConYard.unpack the ConYard into a MCV.have a unit maybe peacekeeper at your base waiting.After the ConYard has packed into a MCV chronoswap the MCV and the peacekeeper.The MCV is urs and u get to use 2 factions and ur enemy has generously donated 5000 credits to u.well u can let the riptide and assault die there since u alrdy did wads most important.
2For making a almost invincible attack team
Have a assault destroyer and a multigunner.have a engineer into the multigunner and have it always 'attacking' the assault.use the assault's blackhole.add in another other units into the mirage or guardians.when enemies attack any unit,the assault will absorb it and the IFV will repair it.enemies who attack IFV or ur other unit wil have it directed at the assault instead.
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