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Post Call of duty 5 (Wii)

Well to start off this is my first "blog" posting. I am not quite an experienced gamer. I do play all i can in my free time but that still has its tolls. the game (call of duty 5) isn't half bad on the Wii. The graphics are alright, but not good enough to sustain nazi zombies (not to mention that that would be way to gory for nintendo . Also another bad thing with this WAR game is that there is hardly any blood when you kill someone, the only real way to see blood is to knife your enemy. which still looks like you just scratched him. O well, during the game you alternate story lines. In the beginning you are an american fighting on Japanese soil, and later on you switch to the soviets tacking on the nazis. Now this might up set some of you like it did to me, because i wanted to be an american storming up Omaha beach and parachuting into normandy. Not to mention the soviets back then had terrible guns. The japanese do put up a good fight, unless you scorch them with the flame thrower. COD 5 also has less alternating position such as plane flying and such. as a soviet you get to "drive" a tank but thats about it. Your weapons are pretty basic. You have you M1 Grand, MP40, PP-SH. All sorts of japanese and soviet guns. you have your flame throwers and bazukas. attachable rocket launchers. Plus in online gameplay you start of with your basic guns. you pick your perks and the more kills the more SP the more leveling up, the more guns and perks. In online gameplay you play at the maps you did in the game. some of them are add into online play though. you have 8 people per round, and you have your choice of team death match, free for all, veteran, hardcore tdm, hardcore ffa, ect.

well this was just a basic look over the game Call of Duty 5 (Wii).

thanks for reading and remember to check out my profile,
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