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Re: Please rate this review: Noby Noby Boy

Hey BenneB…

You know, to be perfectly honest, I actually love what you've done here.

I'm not sure that I would really call it a review per se, but that's not necessarily a bad thing… you know how to write, you express your thoughts, you kept me engaged in what you were saying.

This piece is different… pretty odd, really, but I liked it.

My only feedback at this point is that a little bit of cleanup is called for. I think I’d probably delete the part that starts with “Killzone 2…” and also the part that begins with “Some people…”

Also, the closing paragraph doesn't do much for me. I say scrap it and come up with a stronger close.

Finally, from an editorial perspective I have to say that giving this game a nine is perhaps a wee bit on the generous side-- I wouldn't really fight you on it, but I would ask that you give it some sincere thought and really decide whether a nine is appropriate or not.

Anyway, good work… I like this a lot. Implement those tweaks and I'd be ready to give you the green light.
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