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Re: Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War Soulstorm Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints, Cheat Codes, Stra

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Here are my tactics for each race...

Space Marines:
Attack: Make alot of Space Marine squads and max them out with heavy weapons (usually 2 Heavy Bolters, 1 Missile Launcher and 1 Plasma gun).
Defence: Two words my friend, Heavy Bolters.

attack: Max out your number of Flash Gitz and send them in with either a few shoota boy squads or a looted tank or two.
Defence: Anything works, as long as there's alot of them.

Attack: Make all the way through the tech-tree to the etherial. Then make his body guards. If your playing Dark Crusade then you can make as many of them as you want, but if your playing Soulstorm, they limit you to 1, which sucks. Then make some Hammerheads, some Fire Warriors, Some XV8's and XV88's, Krootox, and your ready to march.
Defence: Since they don't have turrets, just any unit with a ranged attack.

Eldar/Chaos/Sisters of Battle:
Attack: For all these I just mainly get to the mega unit (Avatar/Bloodthirster/Living Saint) and go out and kick their anus.
Defence: What beats a heap of turrets? Not much...

Overall Tips:
Always, max out your squads, never send out half made squads.
Never, send out your commander, especially for orks because you have to wait until you have an Orky Fort to reinforce him.
Always, have a unit that can detect infiltrated units in both your offence and defence armies.

Hope u got somthing out of that. reading that must have taken a while...
I'm not exactly gonna disagree with it all, just modify it.

1. Space Marine Heavy Bolters and missiles aren't good on the fly. you might want to limit this down to one heavy bolter and two Plasma and a missile launcher for all-rounder squads.

2. The Orks lowdown was brief and very good. However your second last paragraph: 'always, max out your squads' Not for shoota boys. If you equip all with big shoota, and don't reinforce, like the guy above says, all your shoota boys will have big shootas and you'll still use the same amount of WAAAGH points. Otherwise, your tactic embodies ork ideals XD.

3. With tau, you might want to add one or two pathfinder squads to detect and mark opponents. XV8s might be risky as you can't repair them and they cost an unhealthy amount of caps.

4.When it comes to the defence of eldar/marines/Sisters, turrets don't last long when it comes to a real attack, only a couple squads at a time. They can only hope to heap your opponent some casualties in addition to your own defences. I'd say mix what each turrets have i.e some have heavy bolters and others missiles. Or back them up with respective squads/vehicles.

5.I've heard that an 80 strong stealth suit army jump with fusion blasters will surprise most enemies, especially if an ally takes out turrets and listening posts first. But it works best when set to 'burn' stance and you're playing annihilate or destroy HQ.

Otherwise, I agree with it all!
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