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Re: Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War Soulstorm Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints, Cheat Codes, Stra

Yeah, I think Guards are brilliant. Grind down the enemy with long range bombardments, keep them at a distance with amassed firepower and then shell the enemy's base with them in it. Or charge every guardsmen you have in. That works too usually. I love Guard. However, I don't think they're the best (admittedly all races are as good as the person who wields them) I've tried Tau, Eldar, Guard and Marines with the best success. Orks are overrated, but I gotta hand it to them, they give me the hardest time and are usually the most fun to play against or with.

With Tau, I agree with one of the guys on the previous page. Build fire warriors, back up with two pathfinder squads, tankthem up with Hammerheads and two, maybe three broadsides. Don't bother much with Knarloc unless you're against orks or other close combat specialists. If you go the other way (Kroot), just take the Krootox instead, they work too.

Guard: Men to rush. Don't worry, it's a distraction, they're meant to die. Get Basilisks and heavy weapon teams. Post outside the enemy building and bombard where their buildings are. After a while, you should force them out or obliterate them. Follow up with grunts, karskin, Ogryn and Leman Russ. Maybe add a marauder for a real blitz. Back up your heavy weapon teams with turrets. Watch out for enemy allies though, they can really ruin your day by beating guard in attrition, especially Orks. Side attacks can be annoying. Hope you have an ally who can keep up.

Eldar: Yeha, the guy on the page before is more or less right. Though I take as many warp spiders as possible as well (haywire grenades!). Howling banshees and Avatar for infantry, Wraithlords and nightwings (but not too many, they're not THAT good.) maybe a fire prism or two. Create the webway near enemy base, march in. Maybe even teleport your bonesinger behind the enemy lines instead. Three squads of warp spiders out first, haywire any buildings nearby then send everything in. (Avatar and Vehicles first!) Switch Fleet off when attacking. It decreases attack power and accuracy.

Space Marines: Really basic actually. For the quickest perhaps, try and get plasma guns as fast as possible and charge in. If that doesn't work, then take two heavy bolters and two missile launchers for 'devy' squads, two flamers/plasma for semi-close-combat, flamers for close combat OR Take anti-building equipment (Missiles and plasma. Maybe Bolters, but I shouldn't think so.) Take lascannon on dreadnoughts or hellfires. Predators maxed out on lascannons or the two side bolters and a main lascannon. Charge your preds and land raider in. then deep strike everything else (termies, squads, dreds. Stick commander with veteran termies and librarian with Grey Knights or the other termies if you don't take knights. apothecaries and skull drones with the other squads. Take at least one skull!)

Chaos: Same thing really as Space Marines. Plasma asap and charge in. Or take an all invisible army and repeat. Charge demons in AFTERWARDS. Let regular troops distract the enemy (Or charge the demons in as one GIANT meat shield and then destroy surrounding areas with regular troops.) Use sorceror to teleport a squad in and release the bloodthirster. Take Predators and defilers. Maybe one or two Talons. TAKE OBLITERATORS. If you have the time then take three rhinos (filled with troops). Preds and defilers in front (and talons). Get Demon Prince in front of them for a spearhead. Teleport your squad in, release the bloodthirster and charge everything in, smoke launchers popping. Deep strike your oblits. Maybe one or two horrors but they should attack buildings only. No raptors.

Orks: Well. Swarm the enemy as quickly as possible (Three squads at a time. Shouldn't be hard with a settlement and da hut.). If it's down to attrition, Flash Gitz are a must. Shooter boyz BUT don't reinforce them. get regular squads and fit them all with big shootas. They all end up with big shootas and just as many boyz anyway. Nobz are good, especially with claws. Meganobz are great. Don't take that many Tankbustas. Take Looted Tank, Squiggoth and Killer Kans. Alternatively, replace the Kans for War Trukk for a speed preference. Add in one or two bombers for a similar approach to Guard's. At the end, if you get the 'Free Sluggas' upgrade, then build as many spawning points for slugga boys as possible towards the enemy and just constantly spam with slugga boys. They don't cost a thing and you can concentrate your requisition and power on better things. Warboss goes best with Nobz or Meganobz and Big Mek goes with the other. Or jump with around 50 Stormboyz. that works sometimes XD.

Necrons: I'm not a regular Necron player, but I work alongside a specialist so I get a few ideas. For a really sneaky idea, get immortals and warriors in an important locations and delete them. Then build more and resurrect your old ones with Necron Lord. Anyway, Build cores first. If you're on quickstart, then you'll have enough power to beat the opponent with time to spare. Let allies build your power generators if possible. Mill out warriors then immortals. These are for defensive purposes. Flayed ones asap. Take the deceiver BUT don't use him just yet. Send Lord into enemy base (doesn't matter too much what abilities you take, but the flash is usually good. Resurrection orb's good. Veil of Darkness may be risky as it can work both ways.) Activate any abilities that may be useful and then turn into deceiver. Turn the enemy troops. Then send REAL monolith in, then wait a bit before you create a fake with the Deceiver. Teleport your necron warriors in. Flayed ones near enemy troopers.

Side note: You may notice there isn't a quick one for Necrons. Just try to get flayed ones in asap and do a similar thing anyway. It might not work but there you go.

Dark Eldar: I'm not an extensive Dark Eldar user, but on quickstart, immediately build three Halls of Blood at the same time (I love these builders!) and a soul .... at the back (It was Soul SOMETHING, but I can't remember what! Not cage. The thing with the psychic blast.) Then build the remaining soul thingies wherever you want. But with your halls of blood, spawn warriors and send them in straight away. And then continue spawning.
Similar thing on normal, but just not as quickly I suppose. Maybe cut three halls of blood down to two. If it gets into the later stages... you're screwed. Joking! Talos are a must. Wyches aren't but they are useful. Warp beasts... maybe. Jump infantry with Dark Lances are brilliant for a decisive annihilation match if you get around the main army. Raiders aren't a must but they are good for getting your grunts in with a bang, though I wouldn't recommend them. Dais and Ravagers in first. Scythe the opposition down (nearer to buildings the better) Ravagers aimed at enemy tanks/ buildings. Now bring Talos in. Whatever infantry you have, bring it in. At this late stage, equal amounts of scourges and warriors are probably the best idea at this late stage.

Sisters of Battle: Sorry, no. Not a sisters player AT ALL. Although, meltas seem to be a good way to go all the way. Living Saint asap seem to be the aim of some people. Then it seems to be a jump with seraphim. A quick spam of regular squads quickly seem popular too. celestians seem to be bad for value and repentia just seems suicidal.
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