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Talking Re: Art of Murder: Hunt for Puppeteer Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Guid

Hello. I just started the game myself so I haven't gotten very far. I don't know how to do the fuse box so i'm learning that myself. But in order to get what you need from the window. You need to approach it first and she will tell you that there is a finger print. Take a picture of the figer print. Then you need to exit the rehersal room and go out into the corridor. Approach the police office ad talk to him, you may need to go back to himd a second tme and ask him for a pencil. Once you get the pencil crush it with the sapler. Then combine the crushed pencil and a piece of paper. (Whileyour in the corridor also pick up the mop in the corner.) Once you have the cushd lead on the piece of paper go back into the reharsal room and approach the window. Take the paper with the lead dust and click on the print. This makes the print more visable. Then tape the clear tape and click on the print and it willnow be on your inventory as the print on the tape. Then combine the tape with the print and a pice of paper. Now that youve done that you need to click on the mop handel and then click on the open window above the print. The window will close and you will notice a symbol or sign of soe sort on the window. Take a picture of that sign as well. Sorry I can't help with the fuse box but i believe it has something to do with the piano and once i figure it out i will be more then happy to help out. =)
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