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Cool Re: Midnight Club: Los Angeles Tips Achievements FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strateg

One thing players need to try and keep in mind is that all the cars within the game have there own unique attributes (accelleration, top speed, handeling) No two cars are tuned exactly the same. There may, however, be cars that when looked at soley for their attributes lwill look the similar but they may differ such as front or rear wheel drive, front, mid or rear engine... the list is actually enourmous. But the game designers did also neglect some key points designing the cars (4wd) has been completley neglected.

Each of these unique cars vary for one major reason, different players have diffent styles of driving. Some like to drift through turns while others prefer to hold as tight of a line as possible. Some believe acceleration is key to street races with the numerous turns while others will look for the car that offers the best speed in the straight shots. I myself prefer the acceleration over speed and the drift over the tight line.

What I'm trying to say is find a ride that suits you and your style...dont just go for the highest price tag or the fanciest name. Pick what feels best to you when you drive. I am fully confident that any car is able to win against any other car within its class. No im not delutional, a Saleen will of course beat down the VW any day of the week or what ever obsurd match up you may be thinking of to debunk my thoughts. Just find that car that is "you", run with it, perfect it, learn how it behaves in any given scenario and I am confident that you will win.
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