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Re: Please rate this review -- Gears of War 2

I could have sworn I commented on this review yesterday... but obviously, I did not. I'll blame my web browser for that.

aoki is right on: this review is too long, especially for our site format. This would be a better and punchier piece by, as aoki says, "cutting the fat."

I think you spent too much time on the visuals, and not enough on the story, or what your personal gaming experience was like. I like the mention of your grin in the 2nd para, and that you were impressed with the way shields work. In contrast, I glazed over in that para about the Unreal engine.

Your first para in the conclusion adds nothing except "bullet points" and IMO could be chopped. I might move the next para about the formula to be early in the review.

Definitely the core of a good review. I'd like to see it become concise, and include talk about what really resonated with you (and perhaps draw attention to a flaw or shortcoming that bugged you). This could be a great piece of writing with some editing!

Thanks for writin'.

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