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Re: Please Rate This Review: Lost Odyssey

What? Aeris dies?

Just kidding... a little FFVII humor there.

I think this is a great start to a review, for a genre I (like you, apparently) am particularly fond of.

I especially liked your descriptions of the character design; that section is my favorite. Good overview there.

And from reading your review, I know exactly what I'd be in for if I were to play this game.

That said, I (as so often happens) am in agreement with Brad, and will quote him for convenience.

Beside that, you do a good job of tackling each aspect of the gameplay, but what I would like to see is more of an overarching take on the game. Rather than detailing each thing by itself, take the most important points, and then tell me about how they made you enjoy/not enjoy the game.
Definitely touch more on the story, and how it and indeed the game make you feel. Think of it as zooming out to the bigger picture instead of staying close to all the details.

I hope you'll edit a bit, I'd like to see this on our homepage.

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