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Re: Please Rate This Review: Lost Odyssey

Hey Arlo.
Thanks for the submission. This is actually a pretty good review, but it is rough in a number of areas. Nothing that can't be fixed, but a good coat of polish is called for.

First, the use of commas is inappropriate in some places. You might want to go back and rethink where you use them.

Beside that, you do a good job of tackling each aspect of the gameplay, but what I would like to see is more of an overarching take on the game. Rather than detailing each thing by itself, take the most important points, and then tell me about how they made you enjoy/not enjoy the game.

One last thing, since the story is usually of great importance in RPGs, I like to see a little more focus on that. You don't necessarily have to tell me more about it (as in spoilers) but tell me whether or not you feel that the characters grew and changed over the course of the venture. Were there lots of time-consuming side quests that didn't add to the characterization? Were there any characters that stood out in any meaningful way, and if so, for what reason? Something along those lines.

I would really like to see you do a rewrite and resubmit, I think you've got some potential here and I really enjoyed your voice.

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