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Smile Re: Dinosaur King Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy DS

[quote=Silent;159094]hey, after u beat the second time of dr.z i don't kno wat 2 do, i try to get the stone fragments but they won't give them 2 me. i beat dr.z 4 times but nothing happened, anyways reply ty t-rex helper for the information, i have a lvl 71 triceratops and lvl 64 awaken triceratop and a lvl 55 iratator. after dr.z will have a lvl 60 sarphangax a lvl 62 same dionsaur and a lvl 70 eroaraptor

Dude my name is bobby and i want a eoraptor so bad dude if you can trade it to me i have a action replay and i could make a copy of that dino and then trade it back to you. hey also if you trade it to me i could trade you any secret super move for a sucky move card. my FC is:1376-1388-0716 I can be online on tuesday 5:00 pm wednesday 4:30 to 5:00 pm THANKS!!
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