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Re: Dinosaur King Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy DS

Dinosaurs people seem to have a problem getting, and how to get them:

Therizinosaurus: It is not a playable dinosaur, and is instead a move card. Several dinosaurs learn variations of its moves (one power attack for each hand sign and a specialized move that reveals the enemy's hidden move)

Megaraptor: Why would you even want this thing anyway, its fugly and useless. But anyway, connect to wi-fi 50 times to acquire it. You don't even have to do anything, just log in and log back out.

Super Alpha Dinosaurs: Ya know those droids that keep on telling you that you're too weak? After you beat Dr. Z the third time (Meaning, the time you fight him after you get zoe's stuff back) they'll let you fight 'em. Your reward is a fossil of the area boss's super alpha dinosaur.

Stegosaurus, Talarus, Gojirasaurus etc: Random dig ups.

I have a hunch that beyond fifty wi fi connections will grant you the mystery element dinosaurs, but I am uncertain if this is true.
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