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Re: Dinosaur King Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy DS

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
i have 2 ampelosaurus, 3 spinosaurus, pentaceratops, saurolophus, mapusaurus.
How to get them:
Ampelosaurus: South Europe, in front of guy near the sign (red dot)
Spinosaurus: africa, torn note (red dot)
Pentaceratops: east dust hills base (red dot)
saurolophus: darkwood forest (red dot)
mapusaurus: dinoman 55 dinos (i did it in 67)

BTW, I have 68 out of 72 dinosaurs. I only need centrosaurus anchiceratops megaraptor and utahraptor I REALLY NEED THOSE!!!

i also want pachycephalosaurus deinonychus therizinosaurus megalosaurus fukuisaurus fukuiraptor gastonia.

PLZ reply

can you tell me the co-ordinates (north, east, south, west) to the torn note, plz i realy want spinosaurus.
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