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Re: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strat

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The is no where near impossible to beat. Everything depends on building your army before starting your push to independence and adding to it as the king adds to his. You can beat the king even when he has a 2X1 advantage if you hit and run and wear him down. The thing to remember is the king has no where to retreat to and you do.
Yeah, you can win, but this still sucks*.
This game is all about tricks not creating new nation- 0 bell strategy. Give me a break. I just want to see how those loyal colonists turn into rebels willing to kill their king in just 10 years...I'd like to see US founding fathers saying "Shhh...we must be very quiet, every time we use word >independent< another Red Coat is added."
Or another strategy - leave our cities 'cause it's way way easier to attack them then defend them. That's something new...
"Hey, guys, let's leave Philly behind! We'll use our bonus on counterattack"...

King's forces should be maybe more powerfull but should not come to New World in such astronomical numbers. The number of cavalary is way, way to big. The city attack bonus is silly. Artillery should be used for barrage and destroying walls not to conquer cities (as well as dragoons should be used in open terrain not to storm cities or fight in the woods). King's forces should be better in open field, but worse in forests, hills, marshes.
As it is now, the game is just unplayable, because whole fun in building your own colony is ruined by stupid war for independence.

* - of course it's creators fault, not guys' who figured out how to win this game
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