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Re: Please rate this review: Mass Effect

Great follow-up review. Well-written, well worded, well thought out. I've only got a one issue, and it's between your thesis, criticisms and conclusion.

You say that the game is fraught with "significant" problems, bring up major gameplay issues (the party switching), poor game design (the inventory system). (On a personal note, I'm surprised no mention was made of the significant pop-up textures and elevator load-times). And yet, you still give the game a 9.

I know, I know. It looks like I'm focusing on the score. But be careful of the word "significant." Saying significant implies that the issues are actually quite weighty in your evaluation of the game. Your criticisms are valid, and I would say are actually more important that the weight you appear to give them in the review. Or, perhaps "significant" isn't the right word for the situation. I guess I can't see giving a game such high praise with anything "significant" going wrong in it.

Otherwise, I'm a-ok with the rest of it.
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