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Re: Nancy Drew: The Hidden Staircase Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy

Here is a list of things for the first level can where to find them. you have to find 10 things on each level.

Level 1: In the garden

Axe- The right Statue at the front of the house is holding it
Dog collar- Go to bottom left of map and its in the right flower bed
Watering can- In the stables on the left side of th map, furthest stable away.
Mousetrap-Left side of the map. Scene above the gardener (has steps in the pic) in the flower bed on the right of the screen.
Sunglasses- Same as mousetrap
Keys- Same as mousetrap
Shovel- leaning against the shed in the far top left of map.
Family picture - outside the back door of the house
Rake - outside the cave (this is located through the gate on the right side of the house)
Lighter - in the car on the right side of the map.
Sledgehammer- By the statue on the left
tire iron- At the base of the right statue
Baseball- At the bottom of the steps on the left of the map
Walking stick- by the back door of the house
Trimmers- By the fire in the cave (through gate on right of the map)
Pliers- same as Trimmers
Fishing rod- just above the fire in the cave
Reading glasses- onto of the stove in the bottom right shed
Leather glove- in the car
Garden Hoe- Next to the gate in the scene with the right statue.
Tennis raquet- in the first stable (shed behind the gardener)
Baseball bat- lying on the grass on the right side of the building
Boot- Next to the fire in the cave
Handweight- in the scene to the left of the front door (left statue in the background)
Pumpkin seeds- In the left flower bed, bottom left of the map.
Snorkel- Hanging in the shed top right of the map
Gasoline- Outside the cave (through gate on right of map)
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