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Re: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strat

Obviously this game must of been rushed which is a great shame! Especially after the great Civ IV!

Bug: When you lack TOOLS to complete a building, you can buy it, but since almost every city produces some hammers, it consumes some tools and the next move SAME good damn f....g thing!

What I dislike very much is the communistic approach of the game - if you work hard or do something good, you will be punished so that everybody would still be on the same level.

If you have 600 money, the king asks you 200, if 20 000 the king asks 16 000

What's the point!!!

The immigrants are very annoying, since their price goes up EXPONENTIALLY!!!

How unbelievable is that!

Why even bother to have money? This question raised in my head quite soon, after playing the game.

Then I heard that the best strategy would be to have almost no settlements at all and stay low!


Why are the tools priced 1/2 and ore some 4/5 since it takes ore to build tools?

Same thing with horses... why ever bother to make them on your own, when you can have them for free! (almost)

Why is the main goal to raise population?

Have to say, the university works fine (in the early phases in the game....later it sucks! It should not take hits by the time changes - hey 22 moves to convert something - I am sorry, but the game does not have so many moves - whats the point to feed 3 people in your building for 20 moves!


If I pay the god d..n building, let it produce!

Why is settlement spamming bad???

Would it not be self-explanatory that to conquer a king you have to have HUGE economy, LOTS of territory! And so on!

Why does the King have such BONUSES against settlements? So that a proper strategy would be to leave the settlements and battle elsewhere!

I mean, this game drives me.....


What suggestion I would give to the developers is to make a fundamental change here, how to control things. The fewer artificial benefits or bonuses or penalties, the better.

A good strategy should arise from the fundamental aspects, the game environment gives- the fundamentals should be balanced well.

Other then that - leave the harassment!

I mean, if I manage to gather some fortune - why not buy 20 immigrants at a prise of 20 and let me educate them, if I have invested on universities...

Why do you let me buy 4 and the next one is priced some 10 000....

See which strategies this has caused?

The King should be powerful from the beginning. And the adjustment should be minor!

Dear friends, this game needs rather a surgery than a minor tweak!

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