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Re: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strat

New try

Second easiest level.
Scenario - Western Hemisphere
Time - Normal

-Sailed my ship to northern america. Made only 4 cities (few more would been better). 2 coastal cities and 2 inland, all had ore, food and wood.

-Traded 0 with Europe, only few cannons, few master workers and galleon which I bought. Didn't buy any guns or horses. Traded some with natives when production was put u.

-Seasoned scout got all together approx 10 gold treasures to ship away.

-Set up missions in every native settlement near to get farmers, fishermen, and ore miners.

-I bought or got 1 Statesman from the docks. Trained more, and started liberty bell production 69 turns from finish.

-When I started revolution, King had 22 Regulars, 9 Dragoons, 7 Artillery and 6 Ships. Earlier game King had 4 or 5 ships and brought units with lower speed. Make sure King has enough boats (but not too many).
-I had just enough on each wave that I managed to fight them outside the city. Got my 1st Dragoon in last wave..little disappointment. Got easier when I got the 1st general and it's upgrades. Maybe next time I'll fight a bit to get the general before revolution..

Independence 1780 (darn...I missed).
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