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Re: Halo - Please Rate This Review

Hey SNF,

thanks for the post.

I guess my primary feedback is that this doesn't read like a review, but instead like a technical breakdown on the weapons/vehicles aspect of Halo. It's actually kind of interesting in a way, but I think calling it a review would be very misleading… I'm sort of assuming you already know this since the piece was not posted in the review format, but I figured I would just put that out there to be clear.

With the understanding that it's not a review, I guess I'm sort of confused by your decision to lead the piece off by making the point about Halo’s weapons being analogous to “real” armaments. It's kind of intriguing, but once past the beginning, you don't really take that concept anywhere and it doesn't really factor into rest of the points you make in the body of the piece.

Reading on, it seems that your strongest thread is about the emergent gameplay and flexibility in the combat system. I would suggest maybe reworking this piece to focus more on this, and getting rid of some of the pieces that don't help support this concept (like the real-world bit, or the talk about the actual controls.)

I think you’ve got a good beginning here, it just needs some massaging.
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