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Re: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strat

i think, i can really say that i am a quite experienxced player, i played civilization and nearly every similar product (alpha centari or colonization)

several huntdret times. i like improvements and changes in the game, but this one is strange
i am not talking about bugs, in most cases there is always a way to go around them, I AM TALKING ABOUT THE STRATEGICAL CONCERNS

there are some points i would like to bring up:

1. about the beginnig the game
- who is playing the spanish ? who is so stupid to take advantage of the them and starts a war against the natives from beginning ? i never heard about

something like that. the fact is the most people try to win with dutch or english. and speaking about the french is waste of time
- sometimes you need 3 turns to even find some landing point, and if you are "lucky" its a small island without any resources -> new game

2. about the colonists
- why do you need over 10 years (!) education in a school to become a simple fisherman or farmer ? or sometimes even more ? the education time should be

- why are the prises for hurry up the imigration even 15 times higher than the prices for hire the colonists directly ? thats unnessecery and not

logical, and its simply not needed

3. about the armies
as we all know, its not possible to keep up with the king´s forces
so, generally that would be no problem, IF you where able to build or create units capable to defend the cities against the king. but you are NOT.
- you need 2-3 SotLs to destroy one MoW, so for example if the king is comming with 4 MoWs -> your naval forces will be destroyed in no time, maybe not

by the first wave, but surelly by the second
(SotL is the most expensive unit in the game, even if you build it in your colonies)
- the king´s artillery is able to destroy your special general-unit defending a city (at level 5 veteran !) by the first atack, thats very annoying,

´cause as i allready said, you cannot keep up with over 100 king´s units by that way

4. about winning strategies
i heard about very unsuall strategies, i.e keeping the coast-cities on low level, or even killing your own people in order to retake the cities back

easly, but the most disturbing one is the "0 bells strategy" with only 3 cities ! on a map where you can found over 50 cities ? so what is it all about ?
where is the fun about conquering new territories and creating your own economical infrastructure in this case ? that means killing the biggest part of

the game.
in the end i have to say, there are only two ways to win the game:
- the first one is called "0 bells strategy", that means to trick out the game by suddenly producing bells in masses, so you can start the revolution

before the king is 10 times stronger then you are. Somebody calculated that you only need 7 turns (under optimal conditions) to produce the needed amount

of bells (50 %), and even then, there is not garanty...
- the second one is to focus from the beginnig on producing SotLs, in order to destroy the king´s naval forces before they can land the troops. this

surelly leads the king to surrender and then to win. but building so many SotLs is nearlly impossible, even on the easiest level.

so... if these are the only ways to win the game, IT IS SIMPLY NOT WORTH PLAYING IT
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