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Re: Blue Dragon Tips, Tricks, Hints, Help, Cheat Codes and Strategy

Originally Posted by Bluedragonman View Post
Hi guys I reeeaaaally need help on blue dragon disc 2
when you fight grand silent ku and all those others at the same time,HOW DO WE DEFEAT THEM????????????????
I always die when I verse them
There are no more enemies to battle so I can raise levels and I can't warp so it's a challenge.
These are my characters and their levels:
Shu,level 30
Jiro,level 29
Kluke,level 28
Marumaro,level 28
Zola,level 29
I hope some one replys to this as soon as possible
Dude, your shadows HAVE to be in the levels 35-42 to be able to beat them! Don't worry, same thing happend to me so i restarded the game completly!But thats my choice!
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