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Re: Dinosaur King Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy DS

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dino man what is the best team and at what level to beat dr z and the alpha gang at antartica/ polar point
Well I Beat Dr. Z and this is what team I used:

T-rex: Level 50
Liliensternus: Level 45
Awakend Carnotaurus or Triceratops: Level 45

It isn't the BEST Team But it's what I used.

To Find a T-rex, Go To West Dust Hills then go left 5, up 23,
right 2, down 1, left 7, up 3, left 1. Then DIG!
You may need to complete the mission to get it through. Here it is.
First, Go to South Dust Hills, Ride The Great Bird (Pterotactyl) across the lake then take the bridge down, keep going down until you find a stairway to the left, go down it, then talk to the man, he'll wonder what the bone in the picture was so take it to Minmi in the D-Site Center then she'll tell you what kind of fossil it is, take it back to the man and he'll give you a old note of where the T-rex fossil is (Inscructions Above). BTW You need to beat Ursula and return the great egg to its place then you'll be able to ride the great bird across the lake (Ursula is in the Alpha Gang Base in South Dust Hills). Hope This Helped.
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