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Re: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strat

I just beat the game the somewhat traditional way- Dutch, huge economy, 6 colonies, friendly natives. As I was settling in for a LONG war with the King (it was 1680s, I had 100% bells) I went for the old "Clobber the Manowar" strategy- and it worked! I just built a total of 8 Ship of the Lines. Everytime he approached I ganged up on the MoW's, until there were none left. Since he only came in 2-3 ship spurts, I had enough time to heal my SotL's. On the turn after his last Man o War was destroyed, he surrendered! BTW, I maintained normal trade by having a colony on the far west side. This back door exit made trade a non-issue. Hope this helps!

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