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Re: James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace Tips Achievements Help Tricks Hints Cheats Stra

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Can anyone give me a mini-walkthrough for the train level for QoS?

I am completely stuck and very fustrated!

I have killed the 4 goons by shooting through the glass windows on the train roof and managed to sneak past the electrical connections, but after that I have no idea. When I jump onto the freight train, my carriage is uncoupled and the level ends. I have lokd ahead and I can't see who is uncoupling the train so can't shoot them to stop it.


i need help getting past that electric thing

While on the freight train, when you get on the last car before it is seperated, you can shoot the gas containers and blow up most of the men without any resistance. Then you have to book it to the front of the car where you'll find 1 more armed man and the guy who is seperating the cars. You need to shoot both and leap to the next car before they seperate. When this happens, you will be able to jump back to the passenger train.

Hope this helps!
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