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Post Far Cry 2 - Please Rate this Review

High: Open world map, Vehicles, Advanced weapon technology, Enemy contact.

Low: Malaria, Strong accents (sometimes), Enemy AI, Multiplayer.

WTF: Some NPCs just drop dead randomly, You can be standing 3 feet away from somebody & they will not notice you.

Far Cry 2 is the long awaited sort-of sequel to Far Cry 1. (although there have been extra Far Cry games, None can be called a sequel.) You begin the game in South Africa with a long interactive cut-scene which then quickly turns into an attack on you. You end up with Malaria in the middle of nowhere & you must work your way through missions (which mostly just include killing numerous amount of people, or blowing up certain objects) to find the notorious 'Jackal'.

I was very excited about getting my hands on this game from the videos on YouTube but when I actually got it, I was a bit disappointed. Although this game is extraordinary, it has many flaws in it. But first, lets talk about all its good features.

Although it is fun to grab the biggest gun you can find & blowing the enemies heads off; you do not have to do this in Far Cry 2. If you are like me, then you will want to try the more stealth attack, using the sniper rifles & silenced weapons to there fullest creeping around & picking off enemies one by one. One of the best things about this game in my view is the independence it gives you. You choose what you want to do & what, even though sometimes it does force you to do some missions you get to choose when you want to them & how.
The thing that Ubisoft have promoted the most about this game is the fire in it. "Play with the most realistic fire ever seen in a game" - Taken from the back of the case. This statement is very true as you can wipe out complete villages with just a Molotov Cocktail or a Flare gun.
The vehicles in this are extremely fun to drive & very realistic. You will not believe the amounts of times you will have to get out of your car/boat & repair the damned thing as they break down so much from gun damage.
One very big thing I also liked about this game was the accents. I know this is not part of the game but I know I am not the only person that adores the South African accent!

No matter how good this game is, there will always be downsides to nearly every aspect too.
I complimented the fire in this game greatly, but there is a thing that annoys me greatly about it, You burn down a whole forest with a single Molotov Cocktail & then it will suddenly stop burning! I was like "..What?!".
One of my biggest criticisms about the AI in this game, although very well made, is that for some reason they can see by one shot you make. If you let off a shot & then moved you would think that they would go to your place of shooting but no, They just follow you around till either they or you are dead! Very irritating.
Also I have a big 'No No' about the silenced weapons. Silenced weapons are suppose to be silent, not attract attention. So far the only weapon I have found that does this is the Dart Rifle. The SILENCED mp5 & SILENCED pistol attracts attention as if you were using a Light Machine Gun!
One thing that irritated me about this game was the strong accents that some of the characters have. You can't understand a word that they are saying & the subtitles are fairly hard to see (not as bad as Dead Rising but still!). Big down point.
The repetitive of the missions gets very annoying. "Kill this man", "Destroy this thing", "Make this man talk then kill him!" over & over & over. Fair enough there may not be a lot you can do in the way of Missions for South African terrain but hey, I would like to be able to skin a few animals or fetch some water for a man..
A big disappointment for me was the multiplayer modes. These are not well made that much, The Map maker function is good yes, but does not make up for how bad the multiplayer is. It is very hard to connect to a good server & then not an enjoyable experience.

I did get confused a lot by this game by when I am just standing in front of a friendly NPC they will just drop dead right there & then. Or I will just hear a truck pull up & the driver already be dead! I was getting incredibly confused when this continuously happened. Also another problem with the NPCs was that you could walk through some of the Watch Posts (where loads of enemies are) & there will be no site of anybody. You will walk in most of the houses, nothing. Then you will come across a building with 4 enemies crouching down in the corners facing the walls. I am sure they will be able to kill me like that. Shoot one, still nothing! Then you will walk outside & there will be one standing there with a shotgun in your face, dead.
Some of NPCs are built like tanks, You can shoot them in the leg, chest, arm, wherever & they will not be affected at all!

Although this review does contain a lot of criticisms of the game, it is a very good game & I would give it:
7/10 for the Single Player Campaign but a
2/10 for Multiplayer. Disappointing.

Disclosure: This game was obtained via for xBox360. I haven't completed it yet but it has taken me about 12 hours to do 68% of it!

Parents: The ESRB have rated this game an '18' & with good judgment! This game includes a lot of bad language & violence.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing: The vocals are well done but sometimes the accents are a bit strong. The subtitles are manageable but a tad hard to read sometimes, depending on the background terrain. The enemies do talk a lot & other noises do help gameplay but it is nesessary. I would not advice it for Deaf or Hard of Hearing customers.

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