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Re: Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strat

That is not a hard game. The problem is people stuck in logic of first colonization. In this one you dont have to have good ecenomy. Even in Patriot mode you can defeat the king if you can have 45 k totally during the game.

Let me tell you how ı make it;

Only have 3 cities which wont have more than 35 population totally in the end of the game means you should have mostly 12 citizens per city including outside settlers. Other wise your bell production with 3 elder statesmen per city is gonna take longer than 7 turns.The point of this game is never start producing bells until you have 9 elder statesmen in three cities and newspapers and printing presses should be build before you place your elder statesmen to their positions. Have your all 9 elder statesmen ready but do not produce any bell.If you do so you will be able to get % 50 only in seven turns after starting producing bells. Meanwhile the king is gonna make 6 additions to his army, and his expedition force will not get crowded. You will only face 17-18 regulars, 7-8 dragons and 5-6 artillery.

This is the logic of game. Do not get busy with the economy as ı told before you wont need more than 45 k during the game.

Your spendings;

3 k for galleon
8 k for 800 guns ( another 600 you will produce in one of your cities with ore resources)
4k for 1200 horses ( do not build stables, buy them from europe they are cheap)
6 k for elder statesmen ( 2k buying first one 4 k for training rest 8 in university)

10 k for hirings ( ıf you are lucky this can even be 2 or 3 k but in worst case with 10k you can have all professions you need)

4 k for tools necessary fo production.

And another 5 k for other issues.

How to make 40 k with bad economy;

you will have at least 3-4 k from treasures and another 10 k from horse gun and tools trading with natives. You can have another 25 k from you cities resources like rum , cigar, cloth, fur. Do not build any shop. As long as you have the right profession, in each city with one of these resources you will have 900 cigars etc. But in each city you will focus on one item.For instance, in one of your 3 cities you will have rum in another cigar and in another fur. Then during 150 turns you will have 900 cigars, 900 rums and 900 furs totally ( of course you wont accumulate them you can not stock them but these are total numbers you will have). There will make you have 25 k with out trying to make any economy. And another 5 k you can have from raw material sales.

And now army;

in each of your cities you should have 300 guns and horses before you press on start revolution. You should also fill a wagon in each city with horses and guns. This makes totally 1200 guns and 1200 horses. From them you can have 24 dragoons. In your most crowded city you should also fill one wagon full of guns to make soldiers. If you are playing with george washington you will have 8 soldires from these surplous guns.

Now lets compare the king army and colonial army;

You will have 24 dragons and at least 8 soldiers,

against them king hill have about 8 dragons, 17 regulars and 6 artillery.

This army is enough for victory as long as you do not wait with in the city and attack them with your dragons restlessly( finish their artilleries first with your dragons) and change you wounded dragons with remaining few citizens with in the city. Do not attack their dragons as long as they dont have artillery under them. Let their dragons attack your soldiers in the city. Even though your soldiers die, their wounded dragons will be easy target for your dragons.

Make all those things and you will win even in the patriot level easily.
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