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Re: Shaun White Snowboarding Tips Achievements FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Stra

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Yeah Does anyone know how to ride regular right away I always find my character going to goofy.. and unlike any other snowboarding game you cant just change this by checking a box on or off or regular or goofy

to change your stance you gota butter spin..

if your on xbox 360 just press the right stick forward and turn slightly until you turn then let go.. if you hold to long youll bail

to get the big run achievment theres a bug to help you..

go to japan.. go to the top then go down just a tiny bit till you see a lodge with alot of snow on the roof.. it will have tables. walk upto the tables and put urself in a corner where the table touches the fence. when ur there in the corner set a marker in it. then press the R trigger repeatedly. it will take a few tries but you'll get a score about 4,000,000,000,000. yup four trillion. also youll get 13B in cash :]

there is video tuts on youtube for it
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