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Re: Please Rate This Review: Gears of War 2

Snappy comeback there CoD lover. I can understand the frustration you had with Gears, but in the bargain bin, and at TJ Maxx, I don't think so. While it did have a few issues with online match making, what game hasn't? Did you play CoD4 when it first came out around Thanksgiving? Hell I couldn't even get in a match to save my life, just kept getting booted to the lobby. And saying Cod 4.5 (CoD: WaW) is going to blow this game away, you must be joking, or work for Activision. The campaign is sh%t, and the only saving grace the game does have is within its multiplayer: which still has the same old tired "Perk" system that I loath. If giving a guy an unfair advantage through a perk is your idea of a good time, you must be a sandwich short of a picnic my friend. Just give me a rifle and the other guy a rifle, and let the better player win. Give me GRAW 3 with no perks, no radar, no kill cam, no RPG element, and no unfair advantages. I can't understand why it can't be a level playing field? To many cry babies whinning about how they were killed over and over again I guess.

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