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Re: Supreme Ruler 2020 Tips, Help, Tricks, Hints, Cheat Codes and Strategy

In sandbox mode, ive been trying to get other countries mad at me so they start the fight, ive severed all communications, ive sent multiple spies in on sabotage missions, and nothing, I dont know how to gain cassus belli enough to attack them without making the rest of the world mad at me, and I cant get them provoked, what am I missing, I even sabotaged their spy place. There is definately something missing in this game, I think it is strategy by the enemy, they just fling their troops at me in wartime with no tact. Also, why is there no minefields, or ways to block hexes from travel, also, there are mineclearing ships and no minelayers, none of the sub finding equipment find subs, radar is too short ranged, ever hear of OTH radar?, missile placement on units is tough to do, you have to put the unit in reserve just to change missile types, or shoot them off, destroying bridges takes a whole army of planes or missiles, are they super bridges? The terrain just doesnt offer what it should in terms of travel restrictions and such, refueling tankers dont stay on task, technology is way too easy to get from everyone else, no incentive to get your own unit designs, the economic design is pretty good, battle has more of an age of empires thing to it rather than proper placement and unit specifics, just throw your guys at em and hope for the best, air combat is lame, and everything goes so fast, there is no room to use a range advantage, except with missiles, and when you launch missiles, they shoot their whole wad rather than just enough to destroy the target, whats the sense in haveing recon when you can just get satellites, and everyone near enough that matters, you can see with regular units, and how do you get rid of them? China has sattelite missiles that can destroy satellites in the real world. Artillery seems almost useless, so much for the "god of war". How about some cold war, or limited war instead of just black and white all out war?I cant remove roads once they are down, or rail. I want to be able to place towns that grow into cities, no one ever seems to place a business center or tourist center no matter how low the taxes are. Troops stop moving even though they have fuel, but no supplies, ammo, but they do move like one or two hexes at a time, you have to keep clicking on them. Anti-air units are useless against most aircraft, they only target choppers and missiles, except for the huge ones, its mostly the shoulder launched ones....where are the land transports for the infantry on foot...not air transport. And why is it that having an advantage, isnt really having an advantage? (age of empires effect) Most assaults are useless with smaller superior units, you always seem to have to have a whole armada to do anything militarily, what happened to superior tactics and technology? The unit upgrades just dont seem to be significant enough to bother when all you gotta do is have a monstrous amount of troops. The enemy always deploys all their troops, and they just sit around the cities or bases they came from, piled up doing nothing, I also noticed I never see the enemy building anything other than troops, no roads, bridges, bases...are they lame ducks? Theres alot of things not explained...anywhere! I want to know what effect things have, what they really do, not just guessing and hoping....when this game was made, was anyone thinking about these things other than cramming another game out there for there any pride in ones work anymore? I want to see a guide that tells me what effects come from do I use spies they have to be in specific cities...or do they just sit there and go out and do useless stuff....not that we need them at all playing against the computer. All in all, this game has HUGE potential, it is almost...almost what I have been looking for in a strategy know what you need to do to fix it, lets get cracking!

I would also like to form battlegroups that move with eachother, and work together, engineers should help with digging in, Stealth needs to work better, it always seems like the enemy shoots down stealth too easy because they can see them with crappy radar, the level of detail that went into the economy and different troop types need to be done the same level of detail for combat. With better icons for the units, and unit facing should be important too. I also noticed towns never turn into cities. No matter what the population. Lets get another update that actually updates some concerns, like a real manual. And some way to intimidate your neighbors by like camping an aircraft carrier off their coast to influence them in their decision making, or bombing a factory without going to all out war. Ive said enough, but im sure there will be more...this game is on the right track aside from my complaints and I do enjoy playing it, I just cant help but point out some things that would make it not only more realistic, but more fun.
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